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Happy, Successful, Contributing

A few years ago a young man came to my office for a consultation. He had just taken our Personal Success Power Traits Assessment and this was my first meeting with him. I found out that he was finishing his studies at community college and was planning his next steps. He was very clear about his areas of interest and career possibilities.

This was amazing in itself as so many young people have no idea what they want to do with their lives. But this is what really impressed me:

I asked him what he was hoping to get from the consultation. He replied that he was hoping my coaching could help him make choices that would:light atom

  1. create the happiest life possible
  2. make him successful in his own mind
  3. allow him to contribute to society

I thought, wow – most adults woud have difficulty articulating that.

This is our hope for all young people…that they might grow up discovering what they love, where their strengths lie, what they can contribute.

Confidence in oneself and belief that you can do something are the key ingredients for success in any area. Here at LearningSuccess™ Institute and Solimar Academy (our independent study program) we are passionate about helping young people (and not-so-young people) of all ages discover what makes them happiest, how to be successful, and the unique contributions they can make to the world.


We believe that a school’s primary job is to prepare students to be happy, successful contributors to their communities and the world.

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