A Talent is a natural skill that makes it easy to learn something or to do something.  With a Talent you start ahead of others when learning something new. We are not always interested in our Talents, and that is okay. As much as possible, try to incorporate your Talents that interest you into your curriculum.

It is helpful to incorporate your Talents in your learning process. Your Talents affect:

  • your study methods
  • the subjects you choose
  • your career goals

Your Talents can be the foundation for all learning and working activities.

  • Sometimes people minimize their Talents because they come so easily.
  • Sometimes you may prefer to pursue Interests rather than Talents
  • Whatever provides you with the most motivation—Interests or Talents—is the route to follow.
  • Music: playing an instrument, composing, having an ear for rhythm or notes
  • Math-Logic: math patterns, logic puzzles, math concepts, can show an aptitude in technology / electronics / engineering
  • Mechanical: fixing things, figuring out how things work can show up as aptitudes for machines, cars, building, home repairs
  • Word-Language: vocabulary, languages, have a way with words, perhaps writing
  • 3D Talent: drawing, designing, sense of direction, reading blueprints, architecture
  • Body Coordination: activities that require coordination come easily such as sports, dancing, skating, climbing, building
  • Self-Care: self-care, independent, introspective, confident, interested in self-improvement
  • People: making friends, understanding people, put people at ease, comfortable with people in general
  • Animal: generates trust and rapport with animals
  • Nature: at home in nature
  • Humor: knacks for telling jokes, finding humorous twists

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