Supportive Disposition: Work & Career

Work Tips

  • Discuss the subject or topic with other people to understand it.
  • Relate topics to personal situations in your own life.
  • Choose cooperative work projects whenever possible.
  • Avoid “competitive” work situations as much as possible.
  • Use techniques that work for your Modalities and Talents.

Link to interactive PREZI: Supportive Disposition Work Tips

Possible careers for people with Supportive Dispositions:

  • ambassador
  • negotiator
  • arbitrator
  • counselor
  • teacher
  • personal trainer
  • coach
  • minister
  • chaplain
  • manager
  • motivational speaker
  • diplomat
  • writer
  • storyteller
  • reporter
  • talk show host
  • public relations
  • receptionist
  • sales person
  • therapist
  • nurse

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