Spontaneous Disposition: Work & Career

Work and Career

Work Tips

  • when doing paper work take movement breaks every 45 to 60 minutes
  • move while you are working: walk around to help you think or to “rehearse” a presentation
  • do chair exercises
  • look out at a distant point every few minutes
  • act out any material you need to learn for your job
  • make up games to get through chores or boring routine work
  • time yourself to see if you can break your previous record for doing a task; keep a chart of your progress; find others who want to compete with you
  • use techniques that work for your Modalities and Talents

Link to interactive PREZI: Spontaneous Disposition Work Tips

Possible careers for people with Spontaneous Dispositions:

  • actor
  • singer dancer
  • musician entertainer
  • athlete
  • trial lawyer
  • politician
  • sales person
  • sports broadcaster
  • reporter
  • radio disc jockey
  • news anchor
  • game show or talk show host
  • master of ceremonies
  • motivational speaker
  • tour guide
  • minister
  • coach
  • martial artist
  • movie director


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