Curious Disposition

Use Your Power Traits

Power Tasks

If you have a Curious Disposition you might like subjects and activities that:

  • involve research
  • involve debating
  • involve experiments
  • allow you to explore
  • ask you to solve problems
  • involve “hands-on” projects
  • ask you to come up with new solutions
  • ask you to make models and construct things
  • give you an opportunity to question / design / discover

Link to interactive PREZI: Curious Disposition Power Tasks

Motivators – activities might be more exciting when:

  • you are receiving lots of new, interesting information
  • others are interested in your technical know-how
  • you are recognized for being clever and hardworking
  • you are asked to invent something original
  • others are excited about your inventions
  • you can help someone solve a problem

Link to interactive PREZI: Curious Disposition Motivators

Power Spaces – you might thrive where:

  • you can change things around and make the space the way you want it
  • you have lots of different materials to use in your projects & experiments
  • you can explore – like on “field trips”
  • you can walk around when you need to
  • you have “lab” equipment
  • you can be messy

Link to interactive PREZI: Curious Disposition Power Spaces

Use of Time – you might be likely to:

  • lose track of time
  • get lost in projects
  • forget appointments
  • want to do just one thing for a very long time
  • have hard time planning ahead and scheduling
  • change other plans instantly if you can get more time to work on your projects

Link to interactive PREZI: Curious Disposition Use of Time

Areas for Growth

If you have a Curious Disposition you might want to develop skills in the following:

  • being flexible
  • being playful
  • making plans
  • making schedules
  • having social activities
  • organizing yourself and your things
  • considering other people’s feelings and plans

Link to interactive PREZI: Curious Disposition Areas for Growth

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