3D Talent

Use Your Power Traits™

If you have a 3D Talent you might be good the following:

  • arranging spaces
  • painting, doodling
  • jigsaw puzzles, mazes
  • directions, map reading
  • remembering what is seen
  • assembling things from kits
  • reading or drawing blueprints
  • remembering where things are
  • reading or drawing schematics
  • drawing or copying pictures or designs
  • visualizing, manipulating images in your mind—thinking in pictures

Student-Centered Learning

Use your 3D Talent to you memorize:

  • Draw pictures, designs, or symbols to help you memorize.
  • Visualize things you want to memorize.
  • Put information into a picture or chart format.

Use your 3D Talent to help you understand and remember:

  • Supplement class work with videos, models and visual programs.
  • Take picture notes and doodle during lectures.
  • “Draw it out” when trying to understand a math concept or other topics.
  •  Use techniques that work for your Dispositions and Modalities.

Ideas for assignments:

  • collages
  • drawings
  • portfolios
  • create videos
  • cartoon depictions
  • presentation boards
  • photo album projects

Link to interactive PREZI: 3D Talent

Career Opportunities

Potential Career Opportunities for those with 3D Talent:

  • pilot
  • drafter
  • architect
  • contractor
  • landscaper
  • photographer
  • home decorator
  • graphic designer
  • clothing designer
  • special effects animation artist

Your Talents interact with your Dispositions to create combinations of Power Traits that are well suited for different careers.  Here are a few examples:

3D Talent - Disposition ~ Potential Careers

Learn More

If you have taken the Self-Portrait™ power traits assessment use the https://powertraitsforlife.com website to help you understand and use your Power Traits for Life™.

Use the top navigation bar to find pages that correspond to your top Dispositions, Talents, Modalities, Interests and preferred Environment. You can also use the “search” field at the top right of the screen to learn more about how to leverage your strengths.

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