Self-Care Talent

Use Your Power Traits™

If you have a Self-Care Talent you might be good at the following:

  • being alone
  • self-improvement
  • acting independently
  • taking care of your health
  • knowing what is important to you
  • feeling confident about your abilities
  • recognizing your feelings and needs
  • understanding your reasons for doing things

Student-Centered Learning

Use your Self-Care Talent to help you memorize:

  • Respect your needs for alone time, preferred surroundings, food/drink and snacks, etc.
  • Take refresher breaks.
  • Take time to connect with your feelings and needs.
  • Begin study sessions with quiet time to stretch and relax.
  • Use techniques that work for your Disposition and Modality.

When you have a choice about what to do, here are some ideas for people with a Self-Care Talent:

  • Teach other students.
  • Write about what the subject or topic means to you.
  • Write a “course” for another student in the subject being studied.
  • Develop a portfolio to show what you learned and how it changed you.

Link to interactive PREZI: Self-Care Talent

Career Opportunities

Potential Career Opportunities for those with Self-Care Talent

  • religious studies
  • philosophy
  • meditation studies
  • minister
  • chaplain
  • personal development coach
  • careers that require alone time

Your Talents interact with your Dispositions to create combinations of Power Traits that are well suited for different careers.  Here are a few examples:

Self-Care Talent - Disposition ~ Potential Careers

Learn More

If you have taken the Self-Portrait™ power traits assessment use the website to help you understand and use your Power Traits for Life™.

Use the top navigation bar to find pages that correspond to your top Dispositions, Talents, Modalities, Interests and preferred Environment. You can also use the “search” field at the top right of the screen to learn more about how to leverage your strengths.

Support Student-Centered Learning

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