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The Self-Portrait™ assessment is a tool for gaining insights into how students learn best and showing them how to use their learning strengths – or “power traits” – for learning and life success. It has been used by tens of thousands of students, parents, teachers, and adults seeking to enhance the way they learn, work, teach and / or communicate. Click for more information:
For students 3rd grade-college, parent, teachers online assessment  (English or Spanish) – this assessment is online – purchase 1 assessment for each person

For Preschool – 2nd grade eBookEnglish – this assessment is downloadable – purchase only 1 and print out for each child in the family who is under 8 years old – you may also print out for each parent or other caretakers to fill out
For Preschool – 2nd grade eBookSpanish – this assessment is downloadable – purchase only 1 and print out for each child in the family who is under 8 years old – you may also print out for each parent or other caretakers to fill out

For Adult Personal Success & Professional Development– Find out:
• how your style handles time, money, and relationships
• needs, motivators, and roadblocks associated with your style
• positive contributions of your style and possible conflicts with other styles
• tips to make life easier and more successful at home and work
• career opportunities for your style

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Customized Homeschool Program

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Book CoverDiscover Your Child’s Learning Style – paperback or Kindle version

Does your child learn best in the morning, afternoon, or evening? Does his reading comprehension increase or decrease when music is played in the background? Does she prefer to study alone or with others? According to nationally respected educators Mariaemma Willis and Victoria Kindle Hodson, our children process information in a multitude of unique ways. What works best for one child is often counterproductive for others. By trying to force all children into the same learning mode we unfairly short-circuit their education as well as their intellectual development.

Discover Your Child’s Learning Style shows you how to assess and nurture your child’s individual learning potential based on his or her talents, interests, disposition, preferred environment, and more. Inside is a step-by-step approach that guides you to a better understanding of your child’s unique strengths and weaknesses, goals and interests, and inner peace. You’ll discover how to create the right atmosphere for learning in the home. Most important, you’ll help your child excel not only in school but in life as well.

“Discover Your Child’s Learning Style is a book you need. Period. It has more potential to improve your child’s education – and your family relationships – than any other book I have ever read, with the sole exception of the Bible.” Mary Pride

“An excellent tool for discovering how a student learns best. Teaching children according to how they learn ensures optimum education for all; it’s an approach that could help make remedial literacy programs obsolete!”Patricia Flanigan, California State Library Literacy Task Force

“Essential for any parent or teacher who works with children.”Suzanne Lopez, psychotherapist and author of Get Smart with Your Heart

“A powerful tool for increasing your child’s self-esteem. At last, there is a simple solution for every child to become a winner.”Nancy L. Chaconas, M.A., educator, author of HELP-Esteem

“Parents who understand the principles in this book will be better parents!”Richard and Linda Eyre, authors of Teaching Your Children Values

eBooks by Mariaemma Willis

LearningCover with border

Learning Doesn’t Have to Hurt: The Magic of Relationship in Teaching & Learning
for parents, teachers, homeschoolers

Table of Contents Includes:
– How Parents & Teachers Become Success Coaches
– Disability vs Strengths Focus
– Relieving Homework Stress
– Success Tips for Lighting, Sound, Colors
– Safety = #1 Need for True Learning
– Success in the Real World
– Celebrating Our Children & Ourselves

WhatToDoWhen Cover

What To Do When They Don’t Get It: Simple Techniques That Work Like Magic
for parents, teachers, homeschoolers

Table of Contents Includes:
– Positive Approaches
– Reading & Spelling
– Comprehension & Written Expression
– Math & Memory

Power Traits for Life™ Catalog

LearningSuccessWritingLearningSuccess™ Writing Kit

This program works for all learning styles, including Print Learners. It is especially crucial for non-Print Learners (e.g. Picture, Hands-On, Sketching, etc.).

This program is for young beginning writers or students of all ages who struggle with writing. It is ideal for the classroom or home use, as well as for adults.

Part 1: Laying the Foundation

Lesson plans for 18 weeks make writing fun for even the most reluctant writers. The course focuses on observation, brainstorming, and organization skills. There is no sentence writing in this course and positive learning experiences are built in. Includes instruction on word and picture mapping, blank cards to get started mapping, and laminated reference card.

Part 2: Building on the Foundation—Blueprints for Paragraphs and Reports

Lesson plans for 36 weeks pick up where Part 1 left off. Using the analogy of building a teepee, a cabin, and house it guides people of all ages step by step in writing sentences, paragraphs, and reports, utilizing the information mapping approach taught in Part 1. LearningSuccess™ Writing Kit physical product $107.00

LearningSuccess™ Writing Kit Downloadable Format: You can choose to download and print out the program manual instead of receiving it in a binder case. The entire manual will be downloadable immediately upon purchase so you can begin Part 1 of the program right away. The demonstration card packs that are used in Part 2 are printed on card stock – these will be shipped to you.  LearningSuccess™ Writing Kit digital download $58.00

LinkUpSpellLink-Up™ to Spelling: Weird Words – Spelling for the Thoroughly Befuddled!

Spelling doesn’t make sense? This program is for people of all ages who can spell phonetically but don’t the the “weird” words, such as though, friend, said, was, does, etc. – a great program for classrooms, parents who help at home, homeschoolers, and adults. For the picture and hands-on learners spelling has never been so easy and so much fun. Includes blank cards for students to make their own word Link-Ups, laminated reference cards, and lesson plans for 18 weeks. Link-Up™ to Spelling: Weird Words $58.00

LinkUpMathLink-Up™ to Math: Multiplication Facts

A complete program for memorizing the multiplication facts with no stress or hassle—all the facts are set to rhyming songs and 18 lesson plans guide the classroom teacher or parent in coaching their students to successful memorizing.

This program is for all modalities: auditory listening and verbal, visual print and picture, tactile-kinesthetic hands-on, whole body, sketching, and writing. Plus it’s fun! It comes complete with CD of songs, laminated lyric cards, blank cards for sketching, and lesson plans for 18 weeks. This program is for beginning math students, students of all ages who struggle with memorizing the facts, all classrooms teaching the multiplication facts, homeschoolers, parents who help with homework, and adults. Link-Up™ to Math: Multiplication Facts $58.00

dvd lsi-training300x300LearningSuccess™ Coach Seminar DVD

This is our full 3-day seminar that you can view in the comfort of your own home…presented by Victoria and Mariaemma, and taped live! For parents, teachers, therapists, grandparents, or anyone who would like to learn about how to be a LearningSuccess™ Coach, by applying:

  • the 3 Steps to LearningSuccess™
  • the C.A.R.E.S. and F.I.T.T. Principles
  • the 4 Essential Coaching Skills

This package is also great for those who have attended our live Level 1 Seminar and would like a review and to be updated on our latest information.

“I was very impressed with the LearningSuccess™ Coach Program…the videos were very well done. Good info, good group interaction.” Lydia Herrera,

“I completed the DVD training… The material was fantastic and I am already implementing some of the ideas. Thank you for your wonderful work!” Susie Hicks, Teacher, Heartland Charter School    Seminar DVD $155.00