Self-Portrait™ Power Traits Assessment

Our Self-Portrait™ power traits assessment allows young people and adults to learn about vital aspects of their personalities that make them unique. The combination of these different dimensions contributes to who they are and creates their Power Traits for Life™. Young people and adults can use these inborn strengths, talents and skills to help them learn, identify a career or path of study, and get along better with the people around them.


Dispositions: Power Trait – Your “Personality”

Each person is born with a unique combination of characteristics. The Self-Portrait™ power traits assessment provides guidance to people with all Dispositions to embrace their strengths and reach their potential. Check out the links below to find out about a person’s top 2 or 3 Dispositions. Encourage them to use their Power Traits for Life™!

Talents: Power Trait – Natural Gifts

Talents are natural skills that make it easy to learn something or do something. Include  talents in a student’s curriculum—encourage them to use these gifts to help them learn.

Modalities: Power Trait – Information Processing Equipment

Environment: Power Trait – Preferred Surroundings

Surroundings can greatly influence ability to think, learn and work. Often a few simple changes can make a big difference.

Interests: Power Trait – Greatest Motivators

Interests are the greatest motivators. Help students to choose projects and assignments on subjects that interest them. These passions can help foster a love of learning.

Students—Learn More

If you have taken the Self-Portrait™ power traits assessment use the website to help you understand and use your Power Traits for Life™.

Use the top navigation bar to find pages that correspond to your top Dispositions, Talents, Modalities, Interests and preferred Environment. You can also use the “search” field at the top right of the screen to learn more about how to leverage your strengths.

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