“After extensive research I have concluded that the Self-Portrait™ assessment is the best learning style/strengths assessment out there. You should be very proud of your product – I found nothing comparable in quality or comprehensiveness.”
Gloria Hassel, Educator

“Loved the assessment!  It was spot on for all three of us!  It is such a great tool, I wish I would’ve had this knowledge in the very beginning. I had to find out along the way and it was a bit bumpy. This assessment would’ve saved a lot of headache!”
Christina, Homeschool Buyers Co-op Member

“I’m a Personality and Strength Development Coach and a Career Consultant and I found that the Self-Portrait™ assessment was simple and highly effective for me and exceptionally helpful and accurate. I use this assessment along with others for my clients. I consider it one of my top assessments I recommend to my clients. I love communicating with Mariaemma because she is so knowledgeable, interesting and helpful. I highly recommend this program to anyone, it’s a great tool for understanding and articulating ourselves and others better.”
Rich Souza, Consultant

“One of the greatest gifts of using this learning strengths assessment stock-photo-58978862-group-of-multiethnic-teenagers-taking-a-selfie-at-parkin counseling our students and families is that it brings a high degree of clarity which enables our clients to totally understand themselves and their family members”.
Martin & Carolyn Forte, Excellence In Education Academy

“My husband and I took the assessment as well as our two sons. It was amazing to see the similarities and differences between us as family members! We already use the information to support each other as well as offer a little grace and understanding as we know that many times issues that we thought were personal conflicts were really just that person needing to learn (or just be) according to their learning style.”
Nancy M., Homeschool Buyer’s Co-op Member

“As an elementary school teacher in Ontario, Canada with nearly two decades of experience, I am always looking for better, more effective ways help to raise the self-awareness of my students when it comes to their own personal learning styles. I’ve now found it–the Self-Portrait™. The past two years I have used it with my grade 4 classes and LOVE it! It is easy to administer, the results are informative, and best of all the kids and their parents gain valuable insights into how to help themselves better meet with success. Thank you LearningSuccess Institute!”
Rob Stringer BA, BEd, CPC, 4th grade teacher, Canada

“It has been five years since we began using the Self-Portrait™ for our staff and for our students. It is obviously a great tool for teachers to use to better understand their students and to personalize instruction accordingly. We have also found that students have enjoyed learning more about themselves and their classmates so that they can take more personal responsibility for their learning and collaborate with their fellow students.”
JT Lyonette, CEO, Summit Management Consulting (for Landmark Academy Charter School)

“After many years of using the Self-Portrait™ with our parents, students, and staff, I still Learning bannerget the same wonderful feeling when I see the results. It opens up a whole new world for them. They understand themselves and each other on a different level and learn to appreciate and make the most of their strengths. It also serves as a tool for our Educational Facilitators and learning center teachers to understand their audience and support student learning plans in a meaningful way. Parents who use it after putting it off have one thing in common to say, “ I wish I would have done this sooner.”
Terri Novacek, Executive Director, Dehesa Charter School, dehesacharterschool.org

“Most of us can say with a reasonable amount of confidence that we more-or-less know what our child’s learning style is. I knew, for example, that my daughter, 10, prefers hands-on activities, and that she learns very quickly by watching me do something. Visual-kinesthetic…got it! Despite this, I decided… to get the Learning Styles Assessment. We’ll be homeschooling for the first time beginning in the fall, so I’m all about having as much info as I can to start us off successfully. What I wasn’t prepared for was the amount of detail that I got… Not only did it affirm her learning style, but it gave amazing ideas for how to tap into those strengths with specifics projects, a school day recommendation, info on family dynamics and personality cues, the right kind of learning environment for a specific learning disposition, what motivates them, ways to help them improve on their non-dominant learning styles, and tons more. I really could go on and on. I was completely blown away by the wealth of information the report contained… thank you again, Homeschool Buyers Co-Op for directing me to yet another fabulous resource!!!”
Susan Wright, Homeschool Buyer’s Co-op Member

“This has opened my eyes to how my son learns. No more yelling at him to settle down and sit. He needs to move and not have quiet, the total opposite of me lol. I now offer options of standing and having music playing. I think this will totally make our homeschooling journey a much more enjoyable one. I will often refer to the results and we may re-do it in the future if we are having difficulties communicating and learning in our home.”
Tami G, Homeschool Buyer’s Co-op Member

“As a learning specialist working with home school and independent study families over the last 6 years, I have found my work with using the Self-Portrait™ invaluable. My experience has been that it gives both the parents and the learners a powerful tool to nature-sky-sunset-mancreate an exciting and engaging educational learning plan. The wealth of information contained in the results and handbooks are empowering for students, while also giving them strategies for success. I love to see my learners light up when they realize how smart they are in so many different ways. I can’t think of a more important gift that we can give our young people than to help them discover who they are and nurture their unique gifts that they have to offer the world.”
Paige Lieberman, Learning Specialist, Surface Creek Vision Home and Community Program

“Once our son took the Self-Portrait™, our lives changed. The results gave us all insight into how his brilliance would serve him in “real life” and reinforced that these qualities should be nurtured, not punished. Rather than being angry with him for not doing well in school, his father gained a better understanding of how to support him. Additionally, his dad also got better insights into his own dispositions and talents. After our son took the profile, the dynamic of our family changed for the better. It is as if the profile gave us permission to embrace our son for his talents, rather than criticize him for not conforming. And most importantly, he felt SO MUCH BETTER about himself.”
Vicky Rathje, parent, Camarillo, CA

“I found that I am a print learner and my daughter is a picture learner. I had been looking at curriculum from my learning perspective and not my daughter’s. I scratched my plans and started over. The first thing I noticed was there weren’t a lot of products out there geared for picture learners so I ended up tweaking what I bought to fit my daughter. For example, she would dictate to me her writing assignments instead of writing them herself or draw a picture instead of writing (this saved us untold agony). Understanding how my daughter learns has really helped me to be a better teacher. When she resists something I immediately stop and look to see if I am teaching to her learning style. I tweak things and then we go on. I have not experienced the tears that I have heard and read about from other homeschoolers. I know it’s because I am teaching the way she learns. Learning comes easy that way.”
Jena Names, parent, Avenal, CA

kid experiment“What a difference when I work with him (9-year-old son) in his learning style. Delight and Motivation!”
Sherry-Ann Rast, parent, Kelowna, Canada