Animal Talent

Use Your Power Traits™

If you have an Animal Talent you might be good at the following:

  • training animals
  • grooming animals
  • calming down animals
  • protecting animal rights
  • caring about animal welfare
  • caring for animals’ daily needs
  • quickly making friends with animals
  • working with abused and neglected animals

Student-Centered Learning

Use your Animal Talent to help you memorize:

  • Have a pet nearby when you study.
  • Practice your presentation by saying it to your pet.
  • Play fetch with your pet as you practice reciting information.
  • Use techniques that work for your Disposition and Modality.

Use your Animal Talent to help you understand and remember:

  • Take study breaks to play with your pet.
  • Use techniques that work for your Disposition and Modality.

When you have a choice about what to do, here are some ideas for people with an Animal Talent:

  • Relate the topic being studied to its effects on animals.
  • Choose animal topics for reading and writing assignments.

Link to interactive PREZI: Animal Talent

Career Opportunities

Potential Career Opportunities for those with an Animal Talent:

  • ecologist
  • zoo docent
  • veterinarian
  • pet therapist
  • canine officer
  • animal trainer
  • animal rescue
  • humane officer
  • guide dog trainer
  • kennel attendant
  • humane educator
  • animal behaviorist
  • wildlife management
  • pet daycare business
  • veterinarian’s assistant
  • animal shelter manager
  • humane society director

Your Talents interact with your Dispositions to create combinations of traits that are well suited for different careers.  Here are a few examples:

Animal Talent Disposition Potential Careers (4)
Your Power Traits Animal Talent


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