Interests are our #1 motivators. Interests can help us think more clearly, understand more deeply, and remember more accurately. By incorporating Interests into your studies, you can enhance learning in all subjects, and have more fun.

Your Interests Can Help You Learn. They:

  • make you happy
  • energize and wake up your brain.
  • help you pay closer attention
  • allow you to process information faster
  • encourage you to stick with studying until you “get it”
  • encourage you read and think more carefully
  • encourage you to listen more carefully
  • can excite you to connect old and new knowledge.

Try to incorporate your interests into your learning whenever possible.

Learn More

If you have taken the Self-Portrait™ power traits assessment use the website to help you understand and use your Power Traits for Life™.

Use the top navigation bar to find pages that correspond to your top Dispositions, Talents, Modalities, Interests and preferred Environment. You can also use the “search” field at the top right of the screen to learn more about how to leverage your strengths.

Support Student-Centered Learning

To learn more about how to use the Self-Portrait™ power traits assessment as a fundraising tool for your organization, click here.