Humor Talent

Use Your Power Traits™

If you have a Humor Talent you might be good at the following:

  • telling jokes
  • mimicking others
  • making people laugh
  • laughing at yourself
  • telling stories in a humorous way
  • seeing the humor in everyday things
  • making an ordinary event fun and entertaining

Student-Centered Learning

Use your Humor Talent to help you memorize:

  • Draw silly cartoons.
  • Make up silly rhymes or a humorous story about the information.
  • use techniques that work for your Dispositions and Modality

Use your Humor Talent to help understand and remember:

  • Use rhymes, stories, and cartoons.
  • Use techniques that work for your Disposition and Modality

Choice of Assignments

When you have a choice about what to do, here are some ideas for people with a Humor Talent:

  • Make cartoon storyboards.
  • Write original humorous poems or stories.
  • Put on a comedy act to demonstrate what was learned.

Link to interactive PREZI: Humor Talent

Career Opportunities

Potential Career Opportunities for those with Humor Talent

  • Actor
  • clown
  • emcee
  • humorist
  • cartoonist
  • comedian
  • commentator
  • humor author
  • theme park host
  • radio disc jockey
  • party entertainer
  • movie consultant
  • comedy script writer
  • humor column writer
  • motivational speaker
  • conference coordinator

Your Talents interact with your Dispositions to create combinations that are well suited for different careers.  Here are a few examples:

Humor Talent - Disposition - Potential Careers (1)

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