Body Coordination Talent

Use Your Power Traits™

If you have a Body Coordination Talent you might be good at the following:

  • making models
  • hiking, bicycling, or skating
  • skiing, swimming, or dancing
  • physical endurance activities
  • typing, sewing, or small crafts
  • athletics, gymnastics, team sports
  • building things, hammering, sawing
  • doing physics calculations in your head that  result in perfect football passes,  skateboard jumps, or other athletic feats

Student-Centered Learning

Use your Body Coordination Talent to help you memorize:

  • Do movement activities walk around or jog in place while reciting information.
  • Make study cards for math. Bounce a ball on card with math facts on them, say the fact and shoot a basket.
  • Play hopscotch or jump rope while studying

Use your Body Coordination Talent to help you to understand and remember.

  • Act out the material you are studying.
  • Take breaks every 10 to 15 minutes to walk, run, jump, exercise.
  • Jog or hike while listening to a audio book or other information.
  • Shoot baskets, dance, jump on rebounder to memorize material.
  • Use techniques that work for your Disposition and Modality.

Choice of Assignments

When you have a choice about what to do, here are some ideas for people with a Body Coordination Talent:

  • Construct a model.
  • Do a play, demonstration, or dance presentation.
  • Build something.
  • Do a sewing or craft project.
  • Work with clay.
  • Make a movement game or activity to show you know the material.

Link to interactive PREZI: Body Coordination Talent

Career Opportunities

Potential Career Opportunities for those with Body Coordination Talent:

  • actor
  • tailor
  • athlete
  • dancer
  • carpenter
  • contractor
  • set builder
  • seamstress
  • martial artist
  • crafts person
  • dramatic artist

Your Talents interact with your Dispositions to create combinations of Power Traits that are well suited for different careers.  Here are a few examples:

Body Coordination Talent - Disposition ~ Potential Careers

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