Fundraising for Your Organization

Raise funds for your cause through our Self-Portrait™ Power Traits Assessment Fundraising Program – as easy as posting a link on your website or email.

The Self-Portrait™ assessment tool is a wonderful fundraising vehicle—your supporters get life-changing tools, your organization gets donations to support your cause!

For the past 3 decades, we have focused on the unique qualities of each person that lead to a fulfilling life. Our acclaimed Self-Portrait™ Power Traits Assessment allows you to discover your strengths and passions—to reach academic, career, and life goals. You will gain insights into your unique combination of Dispositions, Modalities, Talents, and more.

The Self-Portrait™ assessment provides a key to learning, work, and life success:

1.  Students find out how they learn best and discover ideal career path options.

2.  Families learn to appreciate each individual’s innate qualities to create harmonious interactions.

3.  Organizations gain understanding of group dynamics based on unique qualities of each individual to maximize outcomes.

It’s easy, fun, and can provide profound insights for personal and organizational success.

How does it work?

We will provide you with:

• a special link to post on your website, social media pages and emails

• suggestions to create a viral movement among your supporters to raise funds and awareness for your cause

• valuable life success tools for your supporters

How much does it cost?

The Self-Portrait™ assessment takes about 20 to 30 minutes to complete and gives immediate, automatically scored and printable results and downloadable recommendations and guides. The cost is $35.

How much does the organization get?

50% of the proceeds go to the organization.

How do you get started?

Contact us to discuss how to set up a customized campaign to raise funds for your organization. We can usually get you up and running within a week!

We are happy to set up a demo for you so you can evaluate the Self-Portrait™ Power Traits Assessment as a fundraising opportunity for your organization.

For more information or to get started give us a call – 805-648-1739

or fill out the contact form.