Organized Disposition

Use Your Power Traits

Power Tasks

If you have an Organized Disposition you might like subjects and activities that:

  • tell you exactly what to do, step-by-step
  • are predictable and routine
  • ask you to take notes, memorize, and outline
  • provide drills
  • use workbooks
  • provide a plan with clear due dates

Link to interactive PREZI: Organized Disposition Power Tasks

Motivators – activities might be more exciting when:

  • teachers and peers tell you that you did a good job
  • being neat, productive and punctual is valued
  • teachers appreciate your organizational skills
  • you are given support to reach your goals

Link to interactive PREZI: Organized Disposition Motivators

Power Spaces – you might thrive where:

  • there are quiet spaces
  • people are taking their work seriously
  • you can relax because it is neat, tidy, and organized

Link to interactive PREZI: Organized Disposition Power Spaces

Use of Time – you might be likely to:

  • plan ahead
  • keep schedules
  • want to make appointments
  • have trouble changing plans
  • want to get things done on time
  • want order, routines, and to follow the rules

Link to interactive PREZI: Organized Disposition: Use of Time

Areas for Growth

If you have an Organized Disposition you might want to develop skills in the following:

  • enjoying unscheduled activities
  • discovering things as you go
  • being playful / letting loose
  • being spontaneous
  • being creative
  • self-reflection
  • being flexible
  • relaxing

Link to interactive PREZI: Organized Disposition Areas for Growth

More ways to use your Organized Disposition Power Traits for Life™

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