LearningSuccess™ Institute – Workshops & Seminars

Our Philosophy

We focus on the unique needs of each individual. We present a positive approach that is based on working with each person’s natural gifts and abilities, rather than applying dysfunctional labels such as A.D.D., Dyslexic, Hyperactive, or Learning Disabled or even “lazy.” We show adults and children how to discover and use their strengths and passions to reach academic, career, and life goals.

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We offer workshops and seminars, consulting, and LearningSuccess™ certification training for teachers, parents, groups, schools, and organizations.

Contact us: 805-648-1739, info@learningsuccessinstitute.com, or fill out our contact form.

If you are a school or education organization, you can also get more information at reflectiveed.com.

Sampling of our workshops and seminars:

The Power of You NOW!™ – for personal & professional development

  • Power Traits for Life™ —Enhance relationships & communication with family and doodle_art__be_awesome_today__by_kerbyrosanes-d62ap8hfriends
  • Your Power Traits on the Job—Leverage your strengths for a more productive & enjoyable work life
  • Your Personal Bluepring for Success—Empower yourself to be who you are meant to be & do what you are meant to do

“The Power of You Now workshop was a ‘life-changing’ experience for me… I have gained a profound sense of freedom and purpose as a result of this workshop.” — Vicky Rathje

5×5 Student-Centered Learning Solutions – for teachers, counselors, parents, & adult learners


  • What Do You Mean, “You Don’t Get It?”
  • Learning Differences or Learning Problems?
  • Easy Writing – Without Outlines!
  • Repairing the Damage of Growing Up Average
  • ADD: Attention to Dreams and Discoveries
  • Spelling for the Thoroughly Befuddled
  • Mid-Life Crisis Begins in Kindergarten

School Consulting & Training
Consultations & Coaching


“Awesome weekend – you blended the best of the best in educational techniques and communication skills. It’s a clear path toward successful, compassionate and child-centered education all rolled into one.” — Rachelle Wafer, teacher, Laurel Springs School

“I have already learned so many valuable things that I plan to use immediately. I can’t wait for the next session!!!” — Helen McCabe, mother of public school student

“This training was a game-changer for me. The other staff members and I began using what we learned in our first-level training immediately. We applied it to our students, we applied it to our families, we applied it to parents, to people that we met on the street. It is a fantastic tool. Students who once were resistant became interested, students who were already interested became more interested…” — Christina Reed, public charter school teacher

“These strategies have put into words and practice what I have known in my heart. It is exciting to now have a methodology, based on research, that will create incredible learning opportunities and experiences for our students.” — Erin Hussey, Director, Kelowna Christian Open School

“I just wanted to thank you for your encouraging workshop the other night. You reinforced a lot of what I’ve been hearing in the homeschool circles about educating children and provided some great insights into how to tap into our children’s world.” — Tammy Reed, Trinity Pacific

“Your presentation on identifying learning styles and students’ success in the classroom brings to our attention the impact school success has on a student’s motivation and self-esteem. I hope that the information in this seminar reaches the political and higher education institutional levels of our society.” — Patricia Warwick, Teacher, San Roque School

“I wanted to write and thank you for presenting at the California Homeschool Network conference this weekend. I appreciate all the work you’ve done for the homeschool community, and for our family in particular, in regards to learning styles and empowering parents to help their children learn without suffering.” — Homeschooling Parent

“In over thirty years of interviewing worthy authors of wonderful concepts, I’ve been especially interested in people who have proven, by devoted, hands-on demonstration, that their ideas work.  The intelligence, and spirit contained in Mariaemma’s and Victoria’s work are, I think, unique.  Their wisdom, encouragement…and brevity!…have thrilled me.” — Stephanie Edwards, Radio/Television Commentator

“We had all of our students and staff take this assessment (Self-Portrait™) and we were beyond thrilled in what we learned about each other and how this information changed the culture of our school. I highly recommend this training to educators and parents (and couples) to better understand each other. As a principal this training helped me reconfigure our curriculum to best serve the needs of our students and our staff. This helped us grow in our ability to provide a quality education for all students.” — Edie Lanphar, former Principal, currently Director of Curriculum & Instruction