LearningSuccess™ Coaches


Barbara Cook, M.A. Ed., Certified LearningSuccess™ Coach
Barbara has worked with Mariaemma Willis & Victoria Hodson since 2001. Her Bachelor of Arts degree is in Early Childhood Education, and her Master’s degree is in Elementary Education with a focus on Literacy. Barbara has over 25 years of alternative education experience.

Barbara is available for:

  • Private Consultations
  • Personal Coaching
  • Customized Learning Programs

Contact Information:  Encourageyourchild@gmail.com
Los Angeles, California, 818.817.1200


Marty & CarolynMartin & Carolyn Forte have been Certified LearningSuccess™ Coaches and Licensed Workshop Facilitators for over 20 years. They are owners and administrators of Excellence in Education Academy, a Private Satellite Program (PSP) for homeschoolers founded in 1992.  They also operate Excellence in Education Homeschool Resource Center in Monrovia, California which includes a bookstore, classes for homeschooled students and a support group with park days and field trips. Carolyn holds a California Life Teaching Credential and is the creator of The Game Curriculum, a model for using games coordinated with Learning Styles for more effective learning.  Both Martin & Carolyn have extensive experience teaching and working with typical as well as special needs students and their families. Additionally, they have taken training in Dr. Karyn Purvis’ Trust Based Relational Intervention for children from traumatic backgrounds. Working as a team, Martin and Carolyn provide families with expertise from both their backgrounds.

Martin & Carolyn began homeschooling their two daughters in 1981 and helped form the first homeschool support group in the San Gabriel Valley. They have been heavily involved in both local and statewide homeschool organizations for almost 40 years. Martin is a co-founder and past president of California Homeschool Network and both speak frequently at homeschool conventions and other gatherings in Southern California. Martin is also known as popular homeschool persona/speaker, “Dr. Homeschool.” As strong believers in an individualized approach to education, they began incorporating the LearningSuccess model into their curriculum counseling at Excellence in Education from the time of their first seminar with the LearningSuccess™ Institute.

Martin & Carolyn are available for:

  • Private Consultations
  • Customized Learning Programs
  • Workshops

Contact Information: 626-821-0025



Dawn Jackson Hodges, Educational Therapist, Certified LearningSuccess™ Coach
Dawn is a reading specialist, an Advocate for Special Needs, and a Homeschooling Coach. She is a credentialed teacher with a Master’s Degree in Special Education. She has 30 years of experience in education and specializes in learning challenges. As a veteran home educator she also leads parent workshops on understanding your child’s learning style.

Dawn is now located at the LearningSuccess™ Institute office in Ventura, CA. She is also the new owner/director of Solimar Academy, a premier independent study program, founded by Victoria Hodson & Mariaemma Willis.

Dawn is available for:

  • Private or group tutoring for children or adults struggling with Reading, Comprehension, or Writing
  • Private Consultations
  • Child Advocacy Support for success in the IEP process
  • Customized Learning Program

Contact Information:


MMuntzMichelle Muntz, Master LearningSuccess™ Coach
Michelle has worked with hundreds of families to tailor the educational experience of their children to match their unique Learning Style needs. Her remarkable educational philosophy and expertise have helped change the lives of hundreds of young people.

Many of Michelle’s students are characterized as “learning disabled” or uninterested in the learning process. Parents are often discouraged and convinced that an education is unattainable for their disenfranchised children. With a goal for all her students to find their passion in life and become lifelong learners, Michelle assists these families in providing meaningful, enriching learning experiences that address the emotional as well as the academic needs of their children.

Born and raised in Southern California, this genuine pioneer of alternative education was instrumental in developing a now nationally recognized local homeschooling network. Her 20 plus years of teaching experience cover the entire spectrum from preschool classroom teacher to K-12 independent study / home school instructor. In addition to working with families, Michelle is also a personal Life Skills Coach, a Consultant for Educators, and she is currently conducting goal setting and motivation workshops.

Michelle currently resides in West Hills, California with her five chickens. She enjoys yoga and gardening and is an avid reader. Some of the books found on her crowded shelves include, as you might guess, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Who Moved My Cheese?, and Life Strategies.

Michelle is available for:

  • Private Consultations
  • Personal Coaching
  • Customized Learning Programs
  • Workshops

Contact Information:


KPiperKathy Piper, Master LearningSuccess™ Coach
Kathy has been teaching, developing educational programs, and working with homeschoolers for more than 20 years. She has participated in parent support groups, conducted workshops for teachers, and coordinated goal setting workshops for adults.
Kathy has tremendous enthusiasm for people – for who they are and what they are capable of. She has a gift for inspiring people to believe in themselves. Her passion is helping children and adults to discover and celebrate their uniqueness and to feel confident about their gifts and abilities. She recognizes the star in everyone and loves to see them shine. Kathy has a special place in heart for children with special needs. She knows how smart they are!

Kathy lives in Southern California with her husband and three children. She homeschooled her own children including a son with Fragile X Syndrome. Her oldest daughter was an honor student in college despite having never spent a day in “school.” Kathy loves to spend all of her free time with her feet up and her nose in a book!

Kathy is available for:

    • Private Consultations
    • Workshops
    • Personal Coaching
    • Customized Learning Programs

Contact Information:


ChristinaReedChristina Reed is a Certified LearningSuccess™ Coach and holds a Master’s Degree in Education Administration. She is well versed in coaching parents and students alike; she also understands the process of education administration. She is fluent in Spanish and has a working knowledge of several languages and language acquisition skills from birth to adult. She homeschooled her three children for the majority of their school years. She currently resides in Arizona and enjoys reading, the desert, yoga, karate, dog training and working with yarn.  Christina is available for:

  • private consultations
  • personal coaching for individual or corporate needs
  • customized academic learning programs – English or bilingual
  • customized corporate training – English or bilingual
  • personalized language instruction – Spanish or English as a Second Language for individuals, groups, schools, corporations

Contact Information:   creed@learningsuccessforeveryone.com


Rita Reese is a Certified LearningSuccess™ Coach, Trainer, & Licensed Workshop Facilitator and has worked with the authors of the book Discover Your Child’s Learning Style and founders of the LearningSuccess™ Institute, Mariaemma Willis & Victoria Hodson, since 2001. She has her B.A. in Literature, M.A. in Teaching, and is a CA credentialed teacher. Rita lives in Southern California where she gleaned a wealth of hands-on experience homeschooling her daughter from grades 4-12.

Rita’s background includes extensive work with Compassionate Communication, an important component in the LearningSuccess™ model that ensures both parents’ and students’ needs are met.

Rita serves Orange, Riverside & San Bernardino Counties in CA and is available for:

  • Private Consultations
  • Workshops
  • Training

Contact Information:


Darleen for website2020 Darleen Van Tonder is a Certified LearningSuccess™ Coach & Trainer in South Africa. She has been studying and working with Mariaemma Willis & Victoria Hodson, since 2003, when she first began using their book, Discover Your Child’s Learning Style, and their Self-Portrait™ assessment with her own family.

Darleen is an Art Teacher as well as a Registered Education, Training and Development Practitioner and Coach in S. Africa, and is the African Licensee of Reflective Educational Perspectives, LLC. She writes curriculum for specific and various contexts in the S. African education and business sector.

Darleen homeschooled her son whilst her daughter went to private school – both different learning styles recognized. She has a passion for bringing freedom, hope, and success in the learning and work process to all ages – children and adults.

She founded Retrain (Pty) Ltd. and Kutitiva Foundation (Non-Profit Organization and Public Benefit Organization) in S. Africa to further her work of empowering children and adults to discover their true gifts and potential. She is passionate about bringing this work into underprivileged communities in S. Africa.

Darleen is available for:

  • Private Consultations & Personal Coaching
  • Customized Learning Programs for individuals and classrooms
  • Learning Strengths Assessment for use with individuals, schools, organizations, businesses
  • Teacher Training, Parent Training, School Consulting
  • Small Business & Corporate team building and training

Contact Information:



Mona Vartanian is a Certified LearningSuccess™ Coach and Licensed Workshop Facilitator.
Mona has coached disciplines such as Linguistics, Mathematics, Sciences, Computer Skills, Literature, and History at the elementary, middle and high school, and college levels. Her array of teaching and learning experiences are not limited to homeschooled students but also to students in brick and mortar schools, community colleges and universities.

Throughout her experience as an educator in public and private schools and in her private practice, Mona noted a trend, in that, each student is unique in his/her ability to process, understand and retain new concepts. Several years ago, after being equipped with an M.S. in Education, a LearningSuccess™ Coach and Workshop Facilitator Certification, a Lindamood Bell Reading Program Certification, a Handwriting and Typing Certification along with her 35 years of teaching experience, Mona felt ready to “open the door for all my students to succeed, explore, and learn.”

Mona enjoys working with all age groups. She encourages and celebrates her students, young and adult. She nurtures their unique abilities by customizing courses to fit their personal needs and bring out their creativity by developing their talents. When tailoring each course to each of her students, she maximizes the learning experience and minimizes the effects of academic and personal limitations. In her free time, Mona is a wonderful wife and proud mother of two sons. She enjoys baking, leisurely reading, walking her three dogs, listening to international music, dancing and mostly traveling.

Mona is available for:

  • Private Consultations
  • Personal Coaching
  • Customized Learning Programs
  • Workshops

Contact Information: