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LearningSuccess™ Tip: Colors Matter

The effect of color on mood and activity has been studied for years, especially by media marketers. Color plays a big part in advertising, and marketers know which colors will get us to buy, to stay longer, to spend more, etc. We know that some colors depress and others energize, some are soothing and others make us feel rattled. Some colors slow us down, and some make us feel hyper.

Besides the general color principles that seem to apply to everyone, a person’s favorite colors can also dramatically affect mood and activity.

colorful-977289__180When we are surrounded by our favorite colors we tend to think more positively and feel more motivated. When surrounded by colors we don’t like, the opposite happens, and we can actually feel restless, upset, distracted, unhappy, even angry. Just as with any of the other elements of environment, some people are more sensitive to color and some are less sensitive.

At home, parents can help their children decide on how to incorporate favorite colors in designated areas. For the classroom, children can be encouraged to buy school supplies in their favorite colors.

Will having your favorite color around guarantee passing the test or getting an A on a paper? No, but color can substantially change mood and outlook, and it’s one more piece of the puzzle that can contribute to a more positive learning experience.

Talking to your children or students about colors they prefer is also another way of letting them know that you are listening and that their needs and preferences matter.

Children (and adults) can learn to:

  • Add favorite colors (to the extent possible) to a personal room, study space, desktop, or office in the form of paint, art, rugs, plants, furniture, pillows, or other accessories.
  • Use pens and notebooks in favorite colors when taking tests or doing other paperwork.color-1022016_960_720
  • Wear favorite colors to an important interview or other appointment.
  • Stay away from disliked colors!

And here is the result of a study done in classrooms which shows how powerful color can be!

“…When architects changed school room walls from orange and white to blue, students’ blood pressure dropped and their behavior and learning comprehension soared.” –Dr. Morton Walker

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