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Use of Time – The Spontaneous Disposition: “My time is for making me happy!”

Different Dispositions use time in different ways. If you want to develop harmonious relationships with your family members, co-workers, students or others you interact with, you will want to know how they use time.

People with this active Disposition have an “Inside-out” view of time. They want their time to serve their needs for movement, fun, entertainment, and to be a center of attention. For them, one action leads to another in a flow that is enjoyable to them but might look disconnected and random to someone else. What seems like arbitrary action to others is an energizing way of passing time to the Spontaneous person. Time spent feeling free and as unrestrained as possible is needed to balance out the time they are expected to be focused and attentive.

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Spontaneous Disposition people find clock-time challenging to accept. it’s easy for them to forget about clock time and arrive late for appointments or not at all. If they want to do something, they will do it anytime (sometimes night or day) as long as it serves their need for fun. They can change from one activity to another quickly, with no advance warning. They enjoy the feeling of freedom and vitality they get when doing something new and different.

Those with a Spontaneous Disposition usually want activities to take a short amount of time, lose interest easily, and often make plans only to change them.

Others might think of them as scattered, unfocused, not serious, uncooperative, untrustworthy.

They make great team members when you want that spark of fun, laughter, wit and humor that they bring to a group.

If you have a Spontaneous Disposition yourself, knowing your default setting for your use of time can lead to a better understanding of yourself and help you to devise strategies for those times when watching the clock is important or being more organized is important (for appointments, plans with someone, etc).

If you have Spontaneous Disposition people in your life, knowing their default setting for their use of time can lead to more understanding, better communication, and increased ability to get along.

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  1. This is great Mariaemma!! I love the description of what the traits look like in the real world. We all know people with the various traits, and it gives such a great understanding!! Love it! -Raelene

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