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Sitting, Standing, Or…?

While some students need to sit up at a table or desk to do their best work or thinking, just as many do better in other positions.

girl reading on floorReclining or sitting on a bed, couch, bean bag chair, or the floor are alternatives.

Still others need to be standing up, perhaps working at an easel, a board on the wall, or a tall drafting table.startup-photos-large

Being able to get up frequently and walk around might be desirable. Some people do their best thinking when they are moving!

At home, you and your child can experiment with different arrangements. Options for body position include:

  • Sitting: desk, table, floor, bean bag chair, bouncy ball
  • Reclining: bed, couch, floorsitting on ball
  • Standing: easel, board, drafting table, counter

If you have an exercise ball around the house, try offering it to a child that needs to “move”—these are being used in many classrooms now with great results!

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