Fundraising for Holy Cross School – Ventura

The Holy Cross community recognizes the uniqueness of each child who enters our classrooms. We realize that each child has special, God-given abilities and dignity. We acknowledge and support the family as the origin of educational success. We encourage students to be lifelong learners who treat themselves and others with Christian inspired compassion and respect.

We are expanding our student-centered learning programs by providing the Self-Portrait™ strengths checklist to each student. It identifies the strengths of our students and how to use those strengths to maximize their success at school and at home.

We also encourage parents to understand their own strengths by taking the Self-Portrait™ checklist. You can also purchase it for other members of the family or your other children who are not enrolled in Holy Cross. The survey takes about 20 to 30 minutes to complete and  costs $35. Fifty percent of the price comes back to Holy Cross School to support our learning initiatives. Click on this link to take the Self-Portrait™ checklist to support Holy Cross School

Encourage others in your community to support this program by taking the Self-Portrait™ strengths checklist. They will get valuable insights about themselves while supporting Holy Cross School.

Click on this link to take the Self-Portrait strengths checklist™