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Use of Time – The Organized Disposition: “My time is for getting things done!”

Different Dispositions use time in different ways. If you want to develop harmonious relationships with your family members, co-workers, students or others you interact with, you will want to know how they use time.

People with this organizing Disposition have an “outside-in” view of how to use time. They look outside themselves to the needs of the calendar, the day and the work situation to determine how to use their time. They enjoy “being on top of things” and are committed to organization, planning, and keeping order.

These people probably invented the clock! The clock divides up and organizes their day. They keep appointment books and make schedules and plans for how to use their time. They make sure they arrive at appointments on time and feel concerned, sad or upset if they don’t.

Getting things done on time and checking items off a To-Do list are a great source of pleasure, and they often expect the same from others, which can be a source of misunderstandings and disharmony.  Organized Disposition people will turn down opportunities for fun, relaxation and entertainment if those activities would interfere with getting things done on time or following through with their routine.

Others think of Organized Disposition people as punctual, orderly, efficient, reliable and hard workers because they are. They can also be seen as overly serious and time conscious or too rigid and inflexible when it comes to keeping order and sticking to “the” schedule.

They make great team members for overall project planning and management and will deliver your project on time and on budget!

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