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Teaching the Imaginative Disposition Student

Imaginative Disposition people prefer subjects and activities that are creative by nature, have artistic or philosophical aspects, offer beauty and aesthetics, provide artistic nature-sky-sunset-manexpression, and give plenty of opportunity to wonder, think, and dream. They learn best when the teaching materials and techniques used allow for time alone and involve arts and/or the creative process.

Literature, poetry, art, and drama are examples of subjects that are creative by nature UM62EOZSRCand give plenty of opportunity to wonder, think, and express oneself imaginatively. Drawing pictures to understand a math concept or writing a poem to remember history facts are examples of techniques that allow creative expression. Listening to music while reading, doodling while listening to a presentation, or doing assignments in a quiet spot surrounded by nature are examples of activities that support the need for aesthetics and beauty.


  • Encourage drawing and doodling during study times.
  • Experiment with different types of music in the background when studying for tests—Baroque is especially good for helping some children focus.
  • Provide time and space for quiet, alone time.
  • Encourage the student to draw pictures or write a poem to understand a concept or summarize a lesson or book; suggest writing a song or setting the information to a familiar melody.
  • Encourage information mapping with pictures when studying for tests or to make information more understandable and manageable when reading chapters on any subject.
  • Allow posters, collages, poems, or other artistic presentations in place of written reports.

Imaginative Disposition people are motivated when they are acknowledged for being creative, artistic, open, and observant. They are also highly motivated by the chance to work on creative projects, the opportunity to have alone time, and having their work displayed or recognized in some way.

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