How to Leverage Your Power Traits for Life™

After the members of your organization have taken the Self-Portrait™ power traits assessment, they can find out more about how to leverage their strengths by reviewing the PREZI guides for Organizations. PREZIs are interactive slides that help you engage with information, making it more memorable. PREZIs make it easier to incorporate your Power Traits for Life™ into your daily life.

The Family / Group interaction sections will shed light on how different people with different Dispositions interact. These PREZI guides will help your members understand the strengths and needs of their peers and colleagues to create more a more harmonious and productive environment.


Your Disposition is your learning personality. It is one of your five Power Traits for Life™ and it affects how you learn, work, and communicate. Different Dispositions have different learning needs. Review your top two Dispositions to find the keys to your Power Traits for Life™. Sometimes people have one dominant and two secondary Dispositions. Your lowest scoring Disposition can also offer insights into how you interact with the world.

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Your talents are natural skills that makes it easy for you to learn something or do something.  As much as possible, try to incorporate your Talents that interest you into your work and life.

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Modalities are your information processing equipment. They are the best ways for you to take in information. It will be helpful for you to know your Modality Power Traits for Life and to use them to guide you as much as possible in the learning process.

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Where you study or do your work can greatly influence your ability to think, learn and complete tasks. Often a few simple changes can make a big difference. It will be helpful for you to know your Environment Power Traits for Life™ and to use them to guide you as much as possible in your daily life.

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Interests are our #1 motivators. Your Interest can help you think more clearly, understand more deeply, and remember more accurately. By incorporating Interests into your daily life, you can enhance learning throughout your life, and have more fun!

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