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Testing: Let me count the ways!

My last two blog posts have been about testing, and whether traditional testing is appropriate for all students. Many educators have long recommended different ways of teaching and testing, so as to empower all children to learn to the best of their abilities.

So what are ways of testing that tap into different learning styles and needs, and ensure that teachers and parents have a more accurate measure of students’ knowledge and skills?

Here are a few examples:

  • audio or video reports
  • drawings, collages, photo essays, infographics
  • putting on performances, skits, puppet shows
  • writing play or movie scripts, making props and sets
  • building or crafting, including models, diagrams, totem poles
  • making up songs, poems, recipes, mosaics, eulogies, time capsules
  • designing posters, brochures, maps, surveys, contracts, awards, timelines, flags
  • researching family trees or history timelines
  • planning trips
  • audio or video recording of discussions or “interviews”
  • creating photo journals or scrap books
  • student-created tests, quizzes, or games
  • portfolio assessments

Real learning requires interaction, hands-on involvement, integration of subjects, encouragement of learning styles and talents, and time for the questioning/discovery process to unfold.

The possibilities are endless – happy testing!

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