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Teaching the Spontaneous Disposition Student

Spontaneous Disposition people prefer subjects and activities that are entertaining by nature, have immediate relevance, offer variety and challenge, provide hands-on experiences, and give plenty of opportunity to move, act, and do. They learn best when the teaching materials and techniques used are short and to the point, allow movement, and involve games, manipulatives, and audiovisuals.

Filmmaking, learning to play a sport, and building a rocket are examples of subjects that are entertaining by nature and give plenty of opportunity to move, act, and do. Applying Jumpmath principles to designing and constructing a skate-board ramp or working with maps to plan a vacation trip are examples of activities that provide immediate relevance and hands-on experience. Playing basketball to learn math facts or a board game to develop reading skills are also examples of activities that allow movement and offer variety and challenge.


  • Encourage movement breaks every fifteen to twenty minutes when doing paper-and-pencil assignments.trampoline
  • Encourage study techniques that involve movement—e.g., to memorize math facts, spread flash cards on the ground, bounce a ball on a card, then shoot a basket while reciting the fact. Any activity involving hopping, jumping, skipping, running, or dancing is great.
  • Play board games or computer games to teach or reinforce any subject matter, including history, geography, science, math, or a foreign language. Or make up your own game!
  • Help the student to put on a skit or demonstration to show understanding of the material when studying for a test; suggest the student act like a reporter and tape the lesson, then play it back; have the student set the information to a familiar song and sing it.
  • Relate the lesson to a “real-life” situation when possible; for example, the math equation 3 × 5 = ____ is like knowing five people and having to get each of them three presents, so how many total presents do you have to buy?
  • Allow skits or demonstrations in place of written reports

girl jumpingMOTIVATORS
Spontaneous people are motivated when they are acknowledged for being fun, witty, clever, and bringing enjoyment to others. They are also highly motivated by the chance to have free time, by the opportunity to choose their activities, and by being allowed to entertain.

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