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LearningSuccess™ Tip: Sound Matters

People are affected differently by various sounds or noise levels when working or studying. This goes for adults as well as young people. The sounds in their environments can greatly affect focus and concentration.

Some people need complete quiet when they need to concentrate. Others actually cannot concentrmegaphoneate when it is too quiet—they need some noise in the background. The type of noise varies with the individual, for example, music, people talking, street noise, etc.

When students are studying or doing any kind of school work at home, it helps to know what works best for them in terms of sound.

What if you have one child that needs total quiet and another that needs music? What if both need quiet but there are other things going on around them.

It might be time for a family meeting to discuss what can be done to meet as many needs as possible for each individual.

How about headphones for the person who does better with music? Ear plugs for those headphoneswho need quiet?

Perhaps those who need to hear talking in the background can work in the family room and those who need quiet would be in a separate room or quiet nook.

Having this discussion and making a few adjustments can go a long way to facilitating more effective learning!

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