Organized Disposition (formerly Producing)

You are born with a unique personality that affects how you interact with the world and how the world perceives you. This unique personality is called your Disposition. There are 5 Dispositions: Spontaneous, Organized, Curious, Supportive and Imaginative.  Generally people have 2 dominant Disposition types.

If you have an Organized Disposition you probably like environments that are structured.  You might prefer processes that are sequential and have ordered components. People with Producing Dispositions enjoy routine and find comfort in situations that are predictable.

You might enjoy a study environment that is quiet and consistent, like a typical library setting. You are good at planning and organizing your time as well as projects.

People with a Producing Disposition can have difficulty when plans change. Areas for growth might include being more tolerant of uncertainty and exploring your creative side.  Make time for play and development of friendships.

When you think about a career consider jobs that value your ability for creating order and structure. Careers that might appeal to you include: administrator, secretary, accountant, banker, teacher, events coordinator or other jobs that put your organizing and planning skills to use.

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