Spontaneous Disposition (formerly Performing)

You are born with a unique personality that affects how you interact with the world and how the world perceives you. This unique personality is called your Disposition. There are 5 Dispositions: Spontaneous, Organized, Curious, Supportive and Imaginative.  Generally people have 2 dominant Disposition types.

If you have a Spontaneous Disposition you are probably always on the move.  While some teachers might encourage you to “sit still”, your movement is actually helping you to learn. In fact, John Ratey, author of A User’s Guide to the Brain, calls exercise “Miracle-Gro for the brain” because of its role in stimulating nerve growth factors!

You probably prefer a study environment that is flexible and allows you to move. If you must sit in a desk for certain subjects or for assessments, ask your teachers if you can bring a squishy ball to class. Some teachers might allow you to use bouncy bands to release your energy – they are elastic strips tied between the front legs of a desk that you can bounce your feet on when you are concentrating.

Try to incorporate movement into your study. For example, if you are memorizing facts jump rope, ride a bike, run or skip as you say the facts out loud or in your head. Or recite a fact or concept you are working on, then shoot a basket or bounce a ball. These activities can help to make the information stick in your brain!

Your studies could also be enhanced if you get regular exercise. Join a sports team or engage in daily physical activity to keep a positive outlook and stay more focused.

When you think about a career, take your need for movement into account. If movement is important for you, seek a career that has a work environment that matches your need to move.

To learn more about how to use your Spontaneous Disposition and leverage Your Power Traits™, click on this link: Spontaneous Disposition.



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